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Vegreville Bottle Depot
4826 - 51 Avenue, Vegreville, Alberta T9C 1N7
Open. Closes at 4:00 PM
Raised $915 since 2009
for Alberta Cans for Kids
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Owners are always friendly and helpful, they even installed a sink with pump soap and a clean hand towel so you can wash up your hands after dealing with sticky empties, its a small touch but much appreciated!!! Good Job!
The integrity and professionalism displayed by the staff at the Vegreville location is a wonderful thing to see and experience first hand. The heritage building (an old train depot) the bottle depot is located in is fun to visit! The space inside the building for the staff and recyclers is tight to say the least; however the speed in which the staff works makes for a short wait time. I would like to see the building 'spruced up' it would make the recycling experience even more pleasant, the staff and town deserve it!
The Vegreville Bottle Depot is a great example of a Bottle Depot that impacts not only the Town of Vegreville's 5575 people, but also the surrounding area. This gives the smaller hamlets and rural population around Vergeville the opportunity to recycle beverage containers for themselves as well as for fund raising drives to support local organizations and sports teams. The integrity and professionalism displayed by the owners and staff a welcome thing to see and experience first hand.
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